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Hey y’all, we were just Officially selected for the
Orlando Film Festival next month, from October 18th through the 25th! We’re pretty stoked to world premiere our baby in what will, most likely, be an empty theater except for us and a bottle of Olde Ocelot. (Seriously, flasks and movies go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Try it sometime.) Anyway, here are our showtimes:

Sunday, October 21st, 7:45 PM
Wednesday, October 24th, 2:00 PM

At the glorious
Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe 12 in Orlando, FL.

Congratulations and many thanks to the cast and crew of “Clocking The T” for all their hard work.

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And just like that we’ve been selected to make our west coast premiere at the
Studio City Film Festival! It’s happening November 9th thru the 15th and we couldn’t be happier to show it in our hometown!

We’ll update the screening times as we get ‘em.

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We’re on fire! We’ve also been officially selected into Chicago’s
Blow-Up Film Festival! Fingers crossed we get nominated. We’ll find out at the festival on November 11th. Win or lose, it’s nice to see somebody is keeping the Antonioni love alive.

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"Clocking The T" is a romantic comedy, drama, spectacular spectacular, independent film that's smart and funny, timely and classic, hitting the bullseye between last year's highly acclaimed, award winning indie film and this summer's record breaking blockbuster. I don't really know what any of that means, I'm just trying to fill up this text block. But honestly, it turned out pretty sweet. I wouldn't lie to you about that…

Just tell me now: What kind of douche are you?
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We may be small but we are mighty, packed with powerhouse up and comers who brought their A-Game. Hyperbole? Maybe. But trust me when I tell you nobody had that ‘Who do I fuck to get off this picture?’ look until at least the middle of looping a year later. What can I say? Things move slow ‘round these parts.

Meet The Cast

Sometimes I find your charms insufferable.
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We're the Little Movie That Could, filmed on a micro-budget throughout Los Angeles, Glendale, Cypress Park, East LA, and Long Beach during April of 2015. An incredible achievement considering we were a eight person crew and shooting all over the city. I'm not sayin' we did it for nuthin', people got paid. We had permits and permissions. We ate pretty well. But it's not like I have a nest egg for my retirement anymore.

Our Awesome Crew

This whatever-we-are is half assed. I need full assed.
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Anyway, after two and a half years we are finished. We lost all the bad parts and polished up the good stuff so it’s really shiny. You're probably wondering, "When's it coming out?" Sometime this year. We’re making the festival rounds right now—wait, we just got selected for the Orlando Film Festival 2018! And the Studio City Film Festival! And Blow-Up FilmFest! Holy schnikes!

Check Out The Blog

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So We Did Something A Little Different…
Our Twitter account is actually The Making Of the movie. I started it the day we shook hands and began writing back in 2013. You know how most Twitter accounts talk about how ah-maaazing the experience was? Well, ours doesn't. Ours lays it all on the line. It unsympathetically documents the ups and downs of ultra-low budget filmmaking. It was a tough road and we don't shy from talking about the struggle to reach the finish line. And because we were dutiful and honest in keeping it updated it serves as the actual ‘Behind The Scenes' of the movie.
Likewise, Instagram…
We didn’t actually have an Instagram account for the movie because 'gramming wasn't a thing when we started filming three years ago. Or it was and we weren't cool enough. It's one or the other. Anyway, we started it after the fact and kind of reverse engineered the thing. But we made it a little special by putting stories with most of the photos that aren’t on the other social profile feeds. That’s called ‘added value.’
So, Check ‘em Out…
Just click on the links above—Don’t forget the blog too! And may our pain and suffering bring you hours of enjoyment.

Watch a Sneak Preview!

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