Twitter Is A Problem

I started a Twitter account the day I shook hands with Pedro and decided to make "Clocking The T." From the get go I chose to be honest. I'd read enough Making Of blogs and been around theatrical advertising enough to know most of it was bullshit. And from the sixteen low budget features I'd edited on I knew that director's get pounded like a handmade canoe in a Class 5 hurricane. So I figured, what the hell, might as well just be honest about the ups and downs and see what happens.

Who's gonna know, right?

Well, about the second week of photography they saw me tweeting between setups and that was that. The two year stream of flippancy-meets-suicidal-bleakness seemed to unnerve everyone on the cast & crew who read it. Suddenly, it seemed I might not be Up To The Task, as if my tripping over extension cords all the time wasn't proof of that already. Every time someone brought it up I explained that I was just documenting the toboggan ride of production and that, in my experience, every filmmaker goes through these jags. They only difference is they lie about it.

And then I explained it again.

And again.


Last week one of the leads emailed, "The twitter feed looks bleak but I know it can't be that bad haha."

Jesus. Christ.

No, it isn't that bad. I explained. Again.

But he probably didn't hear me over The Fat Lady Singing: I flipped the CTT Twitter account to 'private' and took it offline. Look, I tried to tell the truth. But in our Kill The Messenger world it's delivered me nuthin' but hassle and worry. One day, when this movie is locked I'll tick the box and bring it back alive and they can read it then. God, he's probably reading this now. Shit.

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