This Social Footprint Is Kicking My Ass

This website is KILLING ME. So many technical problems. I need to right-click on my frikkin' blood pressure.

First, I transcode the last week of dailies (Yeah, I'm finally getting around to that) and I clicked the wrong settings. So they went in the trash and I spent three days re-doing them. Then I got a 'Core Consistency Error' in Avid which means… well, who the hell knows. This problem has been around and ignored by Avid for years, so it's not going away soon. And nobody online seems to have figured out a work around so back to transcoding for that day (again). Then I'm trying to get a scene out for the actors' reels and I need to run audio thru RX4 so I pull out my credit card and hit a brick wall on their webpage that won't let me buy their product because, for some reason, my damned email address is already used on their site. Of course, it's the 21st century so the only contact you can get is their idiotic web form which shoots into the ether and maybe someday they'll get around to taking my money.

And then THIS.

Remember that shiny future of computer apps that would make the most complex developer tasks as simple as the click-click-click of a mouse? Well, that was bullshit. Like plumbing or roofing, web coding is a real job that cost what it costs because it’s back breaking work. Or in this case, soul destroying. I’ve been working on an update to the CTT website for weeks now in between transcoding and whateverthefuck is else I’ve got going on and I still can’t get the goddamn thing to work.

[Insert Homicidal Rage Here]

I know, I know, I should, like, hire a professional to do it. Come on. Have you seen our budget? Instead, I’ve been pounding the RealMac forums for a week and, Thank God, there’s been some very helpful developers that have taken a magnifying glass and sussed my site out. And though they haven’t figured out What’s Causing The Problem they pointed to a few lines of code that I’ve been able to zap by downloading the index.html file and make hard changes by hand. Ugh. At this point even the RapidWeaver developers are scratching their heads and going, "WTF?"

Technical difficulties in micro-budget land are like a knife to the heart. It stops you cold. There is no help. There's only you. Whatever you're doing, whatever progress you're making, gets shelved while you scour the internet for a solution. You're more "Rebel Without A Clue" than "Rebel Without A Crew." And sometimes the only thing you can do is start over, as painful an option as that seems because, well, at least the problem will go away. Maybe. You hope. You want to be this guy but instead you're this guy. And the worst part? Nobody fucking cares. They just look at you like you're the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl at Yoshinoya; disappointed and sad. Meanwhile, my blood pressure feels like a fountain spewing from the top of my head and splashing off the southern hemisphere of the moon. That reminds me: Wasn't I making a movie once?

Whatever happened to that?

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