Achievement Unlocked

Looks like we’re an official selection for the Orlando Film Festival 2018. We're a little late announcing because we actually found out last week while we were on vacation in the town of Klaksvik, in the northern Faroe Islands. We barely got the news with the scattershot Wifi in our AirBNB and had to rely on a 2G network that was as slow as two cans connected with string…

Funny thing is, we actually got invited to two festivals last week. Well, "invited," not "selected." The other one wrote to say they had added a screen and had a ton of bad showtimes, offering us a “9:30/9:45pm” slot on a Thursday. We said, okay, 9:30, and they disinvited us. After we flibbertigibbeted we just shook our heads and got back to the business of looking for Puffins. Because isn't that what Werner Herzog would do? I'm pretty sure it's chapter 12 of his Masterclass.

Anyway, we’re pretty stoked to world premiere our baby in what will, most likely, be an empty theater except for us and a bottle of Olde Ocelot. (Seriously, flasks and movies go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Try it sometime.) I don’t know how we’re gonna advertise our film from the wrong coast, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned while making this film it’s how to eat an elephant:
One bite at a time. So, right now I’m slogging through the hell of rendering out a DCP package so they can screen the movie. It’s a bad time for my wife to decide we’re now gluten free. I’m about ready to eat that squirrel that’s on the garage roof teasing my dog right now. Totally go “A Quiet Place” on its ass.

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated on The Where and The When the screening(s) happen. Until then, congratulations and many thanks to the cast and crew of “Clocking The T” for all their hard work. These micro-budget films are literally
artisanal and take forever. Nobody tells you that. They just look at you like you’re a loser for even trying. Instead, we are champions, arms pounding the air, standing atop a triumphant wreath of… wait… Damn, I shit you not, I literally just got a rejection email from a different film festival.
Uh…. never mind.


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