Cut Faster, Donkey Boy

So I'm… what… month four of editing? And I still don't have an assembly. It's tough being a One Man Band. If something needs to be done then I gotta do it. So things go sloooooow. It doesn't help that I have to stop down for weeks at a time to make my paper. But I have an hour and a half assembled and…

It. Looks. Pretty. Good.

No, really.

There are some nice moments. Genuinely charming.

But it's been slow going. I shot the film (!) in 2.5K so everything has to be transcoded for me to cut. That means I have to color correct a day of dailies, then transcode it to an editing codec. On my MacBook this took about six hours. When I finally gave up and accepted the fact I had to buy a desktop that was reduced to about two hours. Big difference, huh? You betcha. But here it is, 3:58 in the morning and I'm typing this while waiting for my media to copy to my edit drive so I can start another batch of transcodes.

The glamour of moviemaking.

One thing I learned from editing my own footage is that I have paid for every mistake and lazy decision I made on set. Every. One. Most I can hide or delete. But there's a few that I just hope nobody notices. *gulp* Still, it's been fun lately. I got a couple of strong scenes with stronger actors and it's been a joy to work with their footage. The film looks good, and not just in that well lit, professionally shot regard, but in character and story. It seems to be working. We'll see when I get the final half hour cut and we watch the thing.

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